R.F.Yamakawa (RFY) was established in 1962 in Mie prefecture, Japan. The first business dealt with constructing tables with honeycomb structure, and in 1965 Yamakawa Royal Flash Factory was established to expand the production. Today, the domestic market is still focused on office furniture, office solutions and lobby and waiting room furniture. The International Department of RFY, established in 2007, is a wholesale division of designer goods for homes and offices. The company still resides in Mie prefecture just like in 1962, but has expanded worldwide with the international division currently residing in Chuo-ku, Tokyo.

Design Vision

Something that makes one’s day easier,
but also more beautiful,
always makes us excited

The focus of RFY design has always been everyday products you find in your own home, and how you can add value and good design to these items. Things we use each day can be so much more than just a tool or something boring, it can be beautiful and functional at the same time. We want to bring good ideas with good design out, so that all of us can enjoy a much more designed and easier life. The company was established over 50 years ago in Japan. The company, while still working with many international designers, is still a very Japanese company. When we think of design, we always start with a Japanese mindset. Products needs to be attractive, but they should also be functional and space saving; characteristics so often found in Japanese design. That combination is what drives our search for new products and improvements. The company motto is “For a little happiness”. Together with great service, R.F.Yamakawa wishes to produce well-designed products of good quality, at a price that makes everybody able to enjoy them. Producing goods for a little happiness.


Our Products

With the idea of “Life Full of Design”, R.F.YAMAKAWA offers you products which originated from the collaboration of Asian and European designs. Through our combination of design and functionality that will add beauty and color to every living area, we want people around the world to enjoy our products by simply using them. We would like to see our products enriching your daily life at the office or at home.

duo shoehorn
shift shoehorn
prato umbrella stand
kutsubella shoehorn
indice bookend
portapantofole slipper rack
prillo bag hanger
spillo shoehorn
anelli shoehorn
coocoo shoehorn
planet coat hanger
delta dustbin
modoloco doorstopper
indice magnets
scopa dustpan & brush
lean paper stand
t42 chair


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Fax: +81 (0)3-6280-3003
Osaka office
Tamurakoma Bldg. 6th Floor, 3-3-9 Azuchimachi, Chuo-ku, Osaka, Osaka 541-0052 JAPAN
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